April 3, 2020

Wedding planning and COVID-19


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Man, I never thought in a million years, or my wildest dreams that I would be here to tell you how to plan a wedding through a worldwide pandemic! As we are all VERY aware, there is a thirty day stay at home order as of 2/2/2020, and that may have us a little panicked. I am so sorry we have to go through this, but through it all, I am still feeling optimistic. I am a positive person by nature, and even through this I plan to stay that way.


Here are some tips that you might find helpful on how to plan your 2020 wedding during COVID-19:


Reschedule tips

If we had a wedding in April, we will have to reschedule, but if you are in May, June…. we might have to reschedule. If it were me, I would start planning a plan B. Begin to reach out to your vendors and find out your options. Maybe we all can come up with 3 dates to see which we can pick for the Fall. A weekday and Sunday are GREAT options to a lot of vendors. We don’t usually book those days. If you are in the month of May or June, don’t do anything yet, but for sure have a plan B to fall back on. July and forward, I would just let this month run through before we decide, but I would still be thinking about it. Also don’t feel you have to jump and get a planner; I am here to help if you need me. And most importantly, involve every vendor for your dates up in the air. We don’t want you losing money anywhere. This is why I am thinking a weekday or Sunday might be in our best interest. Check my available dates here.


Rescheduled plan

Please know that I will NOT be charging a reschedule fee and, I want you to have first dibs on dates before new couples come in. Believe it or not, couples are still booking maybe now more than I am used to seeing. They are home and have all the time to plan it all. So, lets get you a plan B date that we can pencil in, so I don’t book it. YOU have first PRIORITY.


Also, take this time to enjoy your loved one

Through this trying time, there is nothing we can do but stay a while. We are all by nature going to have good and bad days but helping ourselves through with a sense of calm, will be helpful. The good news is, you are STILL going to get married and it’s still going to be epic! There is a slight possibility that it may be less people, but don’t let that get you down.

Also, be careful where you are collecting your resources. Be very mindful of what you take in or take with a grain. And, take a break! Take a break and enjoy your finance’, after all they are your future, now is the time to enjoy each other…just don’t make babies yet haha.

What will family and friends think

If your guests knew what you were going through, and I imagine they do.. they will be very understanding if we had to do a different date and I am sure most will make it. I found some good email tips for couples to send out and will link it here.


Consider having an elopement ceremony and then a reception later in the year

There is the ability to just begin to accept things and not wait them out. If you are ready to get married and have waited all year, I get it. My gift to you is I will not charge extra for you to have two dates. We do this by breaking your hours paid for, up into two. We would do 2 hours elopement, the rest for the celebration at a later date with your guests. We can do an elopement with under 10 guests and then do the reception with all the people later in the fall. I am sure your family and friends would be happy to take an afternoon or morning off of work to celebrate with you.


If eloping, consider adding video!

We can add on video and just do the four of us plus video for your guests to watch! Bahia Films – click here to see our last wedding together for a 2 hour period of video. Justin, Rebeca and I work together often. We can add them in for $200-300, I think this is a great option. They have a drone so it would be cool. The timeline would be 15-20 min ceremony, then the rest of the 2 hour coverage for couples portraits. My fav. So, lots and LOTS of footage to share! Also, see if your makeup team can do your hair and makeup trial on this day, as opposed to another.


If canceling crossed your mind

I really really try to stay clear of the C word, no one likes to hear it. But to avoid this possibly uncomfortable future conversation, I want you to refer to the contract. Retainers are not refunded, instead I will be giving you that credit towards a new date if that is the route we took. Even if it’s just for future sessions and not the event. I am here for you.


Wondering if we are booking new weddings

Absolutely. I am taking things day by day and am optimistic! I truly believe everything will be okay. If we have a hiccup, we will work on that later down the road.


What I am doing to stay healthy

I have been home since March 14 which was my last wedding. I took this thing seriously on that day. It was just coming out and getting bad. I was worried at the wedding, but I didn’t let it stop me. So, know if we are able to do this at a sooner date with under 10 people, I will be there, and I will wear a mask if I have to.

We wish the absolute best to you and your fiancé and please reach out if you want to chat more about this or just have more questions (even if you’re not our client!). We’d love to help in any way if we can!

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