Tips to be comfortable during your photography session

June 29, 2021

Thank you for being vulnerable with me.

I love that when I work with a couple more than one time, they allow themselves to let loose and just feel. It is definitely possible the first time, but there is something about the second. Just them knowing the results of how their love can be captured, when they are the least guarded. But……

Here are some tips on how to allow yourself to get vulnerable the first time:

  1. Work with a photographer that not only produces great work, but that you vibe with. Def call them before you book. You will know on that call 100% if you want to work with them. Plus if you love them so much and they are a little out of budget, you know that you trust them enough that you will make sure they are it.
  2. Read the guide or email tips your photographer sends you. Don’t only read it, but it’s strongly suggested to trust all of it. Your photographer took a long time to prepare it for you, because they know from experience what is best. And since we are talking about spending money, you want to be sure you are going to be 100% satisfied.
  3. Create yourself a play list on your phone. Your photographer more than likely will want to play some tunes, so it might as well be something YOU vibe with. We can easily play their own music, but we really want you to be the one in a zen state of mind. I personally love spotify.
  4. The day of your session, don’t hustle. Make it a chill day with your lover. A chill vibe day, will make for chill mood for photos. Get all those to do’s done before the day, that way your in the happiest state of mind at your session.
  5. If you are nervous about your session, you are not alone. A lot of people, in fact, most people are nervous for the shoot. It’s not normal to have a camera in our face, it’s also not unusual to be a little scared at first. But remember, your photographer isn’t just there because they can snap a pretty photo; they are successful in their career, because they know how to make you feel confident.
  6. Ask!! If you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask. For instance, you may assume you have to bring someone to hold your dogs, but I have some great tips… pack a STAKE!!! HA. You can just put it in the ground and let your dog chill. But again, for any question that may seem weird, who cares… just ask… we are here to help!
  7. You suffer with anxiety? I suggest not drinking coffee and even tying it in with a workout. If you can’t do either, there is always the option to have a DD and have a drink before or even during your session. We won’t judge, you do you. I suffer with anxiety too, so I totally get it. I personally feel the natural route is best. But if you’re feelin wild, hey.. do you!!
  8. Allow yourself to get really vulnerable. How? If you do all the steps above, you will be in a good state of mind. Relax, breathe and feel all the things with your lover. You are the sexiest when you are confident, confidence IS SEXY, so lets get your confidence on!!!
These are some of my fav tips!! I hope it helps!