September 16, 2020

Tia and Justin’s couple session at Lake Runnymede Conservation Area in Florida


I had the best time with these to. Tia reached out, because she is friends with my past wedding couple and current friends.. Hayley and Austin! I was so excited to look at their feed and see how real and in love these two are. We had to change our shoot date I think a total of 3 times due to rain, I love a couple that is flexible like me. We didn’t mind. It was great if we shot, great if we relaxed for the evening and try again. No need to stress. 🙂

We met up at the gorgeous Lake Runnymede in Osceola County. It was a little drive for me, but we made it happen and it was SO worth it. When we got there, I had to go to the little girls room in a tiny box house. It started the night off knowing we are for sure roughing it and I LOVED IT. I love adventures!!!

We go through the woods for our mini session, and made one stop due to it being a short session. That stop was in the pit of the open air woods. Tia and Justin went two opposite directions as I stayed in the middle to find our photo op location. I was a bit in shock with my jaw dropped, only because they were so quick to know EXACTLY what to do to find the location and not eat up our small amount of time before the sun was down. We picked one, and went there.

Once we arrived Justin had a tick on his clothes. That started me off with the heebie jeebs. HAHA. I was worried about ticks, snakes, etc.. but when I got to shootin, I was golden. These are the results, and Tia, I am so happy to have connected with you and made long term friends.

Folks, enjoy these dreamy pics!


Edit: I had to log back in to add… these two own an amazing biz. Do you like to kayak??? You gotta check out their clear little boats. So cool!!