Scott and Sheyanne got married at Palmers Garden

October 16, 2020


Palmers Garden in Winter Park is flipping CUTE!!! I wanted to say these two have been so optimistic through their wedding panning. They decided to keep their original date with 30+ people or so and do a big shabang on their wedding anni next year at The Acre.

Honestly, from what I have seen, covid has not negatively impacted weddings. Couples have chosen to do many different things. Keep their date and go BIG. Keep their date and let people decide. Keep their date and go small (like shown). There is no right or wrong way, no perfect answer. All I can say is you gotta go with what feels right in your heart. If you ever aren’t sure, your vendors are the first people to go to!

LOVE IS NOT CANCELLED. Don’t ya agree!?