October 18, 2017

Sarah, Uli and Dioji


Sunday morning at Dinky Dock Park in Winter Park Florida, I pulled up and took notice in the changes made after the hurricane. Not bad, but everywhere I looked I saw something different. Dinky Dock was and is still beautiful, just different. I start walking down the dock towards the sunrise, it was 720 am, right before our photo session. It was silent, mixed with quiet chirping and slight breeze. I snapped a few shots and turned around to head back. I saw Sarah, Uli and Dioji approaching me and I just knew it was going to be an amazing session. Sarah had on the cutest outfit and biggest smile. We gave each other a big hug, and then I finally met the boys; they too were ready to go on an adventure. We started off on the dock, back where I started when I had arrived. I am always drawn to this small dock and it’s giant character. People that have worked with me in the past, know this. There is something about that little escape from reality. You look out and see nothing but Florida beauty.

Sarah got this session for Uli to celebrate happiness with Dioji. Dioji isn’t such a young fellow anymore. He’s hit big 13. I know myself it’s a little difficult seeing your family member reaching those golden years. It just kind of makes you realize every moment matters. Every laugh counts. Every hug, every story, every moment made here on this day, below…and documented. And I will forever cherish these moments as well.

Sarah, Uli.. I hope you love your album preview. Stay tuned for your webpage for your complete album soon!