March 16, 2017

Roni + Nathan welcome baby Jolie!


Roni messaged me about a new baby session. We scheduled and met within a few days, in order to capture some week old memories!! As soon as I showed up to their skyrise condo, I was amazed at the beauty Roni radiated!! She had that new mommy glow, is tall with GORGGGG red hair!! They are nestled up in a building overlooking Lake Eola area in Downtown Orlando!! We went up to her building, 12 STORIES UP, and I was greeted by the cutest dog! Picca (not sure if I spelled it right haha) was so loving towards her humans, and just wait till you see how emotional she was the entire session!! Esp proud to show off her new tiny human Jolie!!! Nathan (which is also my oldest sons name haha awesome) was a gentleman and Roni and him shared so much love and passion! Roni’s mother was there to assist and was so welcoming and helpful. As you scroll down you will see a cake, and it’s for Roni, it is her 29th birthday! And wait till you see the cute tiny outfits they had ready to put Jolie in!! We started around 530 and by the time we were done, it was around 8pm, so lack of fear!! And guys check out that nursery… to die for. The entire session was around 2.5 hours long and went beautifully. It’s hard to believe Roni had a baby just a week prior! I am so honored to have met this little family and I can’t wait to hear what they think about their images!!