Nathalia and Mauro’s Surprise Proposal at White Rock Canyon in Bushnell, Florida

November 15, 2021

Mauro had long planned the special day he would propose to his love, Nathalia, at White Rock Canyon in Bushnell, Florida. The staged event was called a ‘White Vendor Brunch Party’ where Nathalia’s close friend and wedding planner took her. Josie Brooks Photography was in cahoots with the plan but introduced herself as if she knew not what lied ahead. Taking the girls to the flower laced archway overlooking the lake, they began taking ‘headshots’ when Mauro popped in with surprise. Nathalia lit up in excitement as Mauro took to one knee and asked her to be his wife. When she said yes, they embraced and popped a bottle of champagne. Their big family, also to Nathalia’s surprise, began rounding the corner to join them. Nathalia, jumping up and down, showed off her new ring to them as they hugged and congratulated the couple. After the celebration, Josie Brooks Photography got to take couple’s photos and introduce herself again where the bride exclaimed that she has been following her on Instagram. Little did she know that all along, Nathalia’s close friend and wedding planner, had taken note of Nathalia’s favorite photographer and hired her to document their journey of highlights as this couple becomes Husband and Wife.

Video by my business partners Bahia Films

Our Team:

Photographer: @josiebrooksphotography

Videographer: @bahia_films

Venue: @whiterockcanyon

Planning: @bellawhimsicalevents

Floral: @eventsbyinbloom