Here is a brief idea of what its like to work with me. My goal is to set expectations for the both of us throughout the process.

My hope is that working with me is consistently three things:

collaborative, simplistic and fun!

What to expect



I will always, always be here to collaborate with you along the way. I like to take time to get to know each of my clients needs & wants and things that I may not know about your wedding day. From the time you get this guide to the time I’m delivering photos, I want you to feel comfortable chatting with me about different things throughout the wedding planning process. So feel free to send me that vision, your dress or even ask me what I think. I am here the WHOLE way through.



My second word is “simplistic”. My shooting philosophy stems from the age-old “less is more” mantra. I’m a pretty simple person and believe that creating timeless photos is more important than timely photos. Trends come and go, so it’s important for me to not rely on those to make okay photos, but great photos. Props, extremely staged moments, and “epic” lighting can feel fabricated and take away from the actual authenticity of the day, so I encourage couples to focus on what’s in front of them.



You’re getting MARRIED, so lets have fun! I try not to take myself, or my profession too seriously — at least where it counts. The last thing I want to feel like at your wedding is a vendor... I’m a friend who happens to also be a professional wedding photographer. We will have a kick-ass time, I promise.