May 9, 2020

Mandi and Logan couple’s session at Spruce Creek Preserve/Doris Leeper Florida


If you haven’t been to this field in New Symrna Beach /Port Orange Florida, you have got to go. We did Mandi and Logans session there this past weekend and it was flipping awesome! This was at Spruce Creek Preserve/Doris Leeper!! We started off doing something Logan is very good at lol Skateboarding!! He taught Mandi how to skate and it was ADORABLE. Then we took it over to the field for two more looks. Casual and more of a dressy look, both were very edgy which I LOVED!! We picked out their outfits together and they brought them to the park. We chose the finals and made this magic. Check it out! 1.5 hours of fun until the sun was down!! One thing we didn’t get during this photo session was golden hour. But that is okay as you see!!

Mandi’s hair and makeup is by Beauty Brigade.




you killed this session! They are adorable and you captured their personalties so well!

Nicole you are the best, seriously

These are so cute! Love how their love shows through.

These are too cute. My favorite one has to be the super close up of their faces next to each other

Ahh me too thank you so much

These are so awesome!!! Very fun idea with them on the skateboard, I absolutely love that!

Love these so much Josie! What a gorgeous couple and they looked like they had fun the entire time, which is what we love to capture! XOXO

Well…my first thought was “HEY! I just saw these pics somewhere…” (Goes to look at your name) OH MY GOSH! We were just chatting about Engagement Session Guides haha (Next scheduled task was to do this!) I can really tell your guide is VERY informative. Your couple looks relaxed and like they are having a great time. It looks like they can totally be themselves and I love your editing too! <3

HAHA how funny is that!! Meant to be friends!

What a COOL session! This couple just seems like the most layback couple ever. I love the change of outfits too!

Thanks yeah they were the coolest couple ever!!

I cannot get enough of these sweet summer vibes. The variety during their shoot is so neat too! Beautiful images!

That means so much to me!

This session looks like so much fun! I love how carefree and genuine the photos look, and the location is just beautiful!

Thank you a million. I was so happy they were willing to drive over to the East coast of gorg Florida for some sunset pix!! What better than to include a skateboard!!