November 4, 2019

Jennifer and Jonathan’s wedding at Sydonie Mansion in Florida


With being as busy as I was when this wedding was shot, it slipped through the cracks on my websites blog. I now don’t have all of the vendor listed, but I do remember a few. 🙂

Although this wedding wasn’t blogged till the time of quarenteen (todays date 4/22/20), it does not make it any less substantial!! Jen and Jon were some of my fav people to work with. Jen was so chill the whole day, super sweet.. I loved getting ready with her and Jon is soo funny! He had the time of his life and looked very dapper. Jen looked like a princess in her blush pink dress. I die every time I look at these. Let me know what you think!


Entire gallery: HERE

Jennifer’s review “Wedding planning is soo stressful lol I am not a planner but it honestly didn’t feel like a chore with Josie. She made the whole experience fun! She moved so quickly during the wedding and it was because she was trying to catch all those in between moments! I absolutely love my wedding photos! I received them last week and haven’t posted any of them because I just want them all to myself for a minute. I was on a fixed budget going into this wedding, as I am sure many of you are.. & she worked with me, with no judgement. Her work ethic shines and that is what you want. After your wedding, you’re gonna want her to capture first Christmas, first baby pics, etc. well, at least this is how I feel. ??‍♀️ In short, she’s great! Stop looking and go with this gem ???❤️”