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Take a moment and close your eyes. Imagine what you want to capture on your wedding day. From grandmas wrinkled and proudly gripped hand on your back, to your mom wiping a tear off you cheek before you run the makeup right off.. I want to capture it all. Not poses, not anything but me quietly capturing as it all went. Chapter by chapter. How did your day feel? Was it cold, warm, what did the building look like, what was your cousin laughing at? As if you are reading a book chapter to chapter, that is how I tell your story. If there is anything I can promise, it's emotion that I want to capture. Not made up poses.

Now that you're done dreaming of your favorite moments being captured, here comes the reality.. and that is investment. I understand your fears, hopes, dreams and desires. I am here to assure you all along the way that you are taken care of.




Your wedding day is one you want to remember and cherish forever. There is nothing more important, than the value of your wedding day's story. See the three collections below.

Starting at $2,500



Just you, your boo and me (as your third wheel) for a few hours of solid fun. Engagement shoots are the best way to get acquainted with my shooting style, and get comfortable with having your photos taken for an extended period of time. I like to make engagement shoots SUPER FUN and comfortable as heck, so let's do this!

Starting at $350-650



Whether it's a family shoot or a portrait session, I want you to feel comfortable with expressing who you truly are. There is no reason for fake smiles when I toss out the silly jokes in order to photograph you in your element. Aiming to show you just the way you are.

Starting at $350





Collection I has everything you could possibly need, including that luxurious album. The goal of this package is to provide complete full day 10 hour coverage along with second shooter, a wooden USB, and 20 Page Lay Flat Album, Linen Cover 10x10".




I love this collection because I think it covers all the popular bases. 8 hours of coverage allows me to capture the moments you want photographed most. This collection also includes a second shooter, a wooden USB, and 20 Page Lay Flat Album, Print Cover 10x10".




This collection is perfect for brides who aren't looking for too much, but still wants all the important details captured. With 8 hours of coverage there won't be a problem covering those precious moments on your wedding day. This package includes my awesome assistant Cat and was created simple, with the option to add on!

Additional info
Add hours at $300 per hour | Travel fee's are not included in rates

Frequntly Asked Questions



Do you travel national or international?

To me it doesn't matter if it's across the world, I would be happy to come your way!! Usually for national trips, it can range around an additional $1000+, which will include room/car/flight.


Where can I find a full wedding album?

Let me know what you would like to see, and I will send it over right away! You also are free to browse my blog, or portfolio.


Who owns the copyright to my images?

While I retain the copyright of the images from your wedding day, the contract gives personal print permissions to our clients, for any non-commercial usage. If you have any concerns about privacy, please let me know. Also, if your printing lab requests a print release, just let me know and I wlll send one over right away!


Do you have insurance?

I sure do, let me know if your venue needs my registered number. Usually they do not ask for them. They will ask you if they need them.


How many weddings have you shot?

I have counted 65 and going. This includes elopements, weddings I have second shot, or associate shot. I have been photographing since 2011, and started photography full time in 2015.


When will I recieve my images?

I pride myself in efficient processing and quick turnaround times, without compromising quality! You can expect a preview from your wedding day or session posted to the Facebook page within a few days of your event. Once complete, you will receive an e-mail containing your full gallery within two-three weeks of your session, or four-six weeks of your event.


Do you do sneak peeks?

I do! Within a few days of your session when backing up your files to three places, I choose the favs I clearly remember from your day! I upload to facebook and instagram tagging all the places I know to tag AND I set you up with your sneak peeks on a mobil app! It allows you to upload your sneak peek right to your phone!


Who edits the photos?

I edit every single photo. Regardless if it's when I have a second shooter, a lead associate shooter, or if I shoot it myself. I do not outsource my editing at any time. Although outsourcing feels tempting since it's the longest process, it's very important not to, since it's my brand. If someone else shot and also edited, it wouldn't look like my work. Editing and photo selection, is the biggest part of what makes a photo album a complete story.


What if you are booked my desired event or portrait date?

First, I suggest not waiting last minute to book your date. Spots fill up fast and even faster the closer it gets. I'd suggest contacting me about your date and I will let you know if I am booked, or not. If I am booked, I will contact my team to see who is available on your date. I have a strong team of associate shooters that know how I work and work with me often enough.


What is your style?

My style is very journalistic, classic and artistic. I edit my photos to showcase actual colors. The only color I change is my greens. I like more of a forest green, as opposed to vibrant tropical green. If you look at my Instagram, you will get a good sense of my aesthetic. I also experiment with lighting at every wedding. Expect to receive a collection of artistically motivated lighting conditions, experimenting with shadows and light. I like to keep your colors true to what you chose, if you chose white, yellow and pink expect to see that. I think it is important to stay true to the brides vision/color palate and not distort that with my editing.


I am laid back and am looking for a photographer to be in control, but unobtrusive. I have been to weddings where the photographer was taking away from the fun of the day. How do you work?

I promise to be unobtrusive your entire wedding day. I am here for you, not me.. so anything you request or need, I am your gal! I am on your side 100%. To tie in with this fun fact, I am also not just another vendor, I am here to be your friend. Expect to have fun with me and feel very comfortable and taken care of.


What makes you unique?

First of all, I want you to know I am very very laid back, professional, flexible, calm and in control. For your wedding, that is what you need for a successful day.


Carly and Bazz

WOW. "Thank you" cannot capture our true emotions regarding your photography of our special days. You truly went above and beyond and we felt so special. From our first meeting, until now, you have shown us nothing but kindness and joy and your "we can do it" attitude was like a refreshing breath of fresh air! For now, "thank you" will have to suffice. We love you!

(^ Coming from clients that have yet to have their photos delievered. Great photography for your wedding is amazing, but to me offering a great experience from start to finish, is everything. Remember, you will be with your photographer most of your day, more than any vendor. And that is why I am here for you and more than happy to build a relationship today. Lets meet for coffee, or heck.. even a beer!)

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