Groomsmen getting ready tips on your wedding day, how to get the best photos

June 15, 2021

Hey HEY, let’s chat a bit about getting ready on your big day!! Here are some helpful tips in order to nail your total look!

If you are a long term follower or have read a past blog, you may have seen another post on bridal tips and how to establish the best photo opportunities.. I want to tap in a little bit more on the GROOMS part of the day and tell you how you can prepare for your photos. Yes, you matter, so much!! This is why I wanted to bring up all these things you may or may not of thought of.
Note, the photographer being in the groom suite only applies if there are two photographers or time allotted on the timeline. Not all weddings or elopements allow time to go to the groom suite. Especially if it’s just me shooting and the groom suite is not close to the bridal suite. Sometimes I can make it work, and that is something we can discuss further. And don’t forget, you can always buy in more time. If you want to add on a second shooter, you can have them on for no less than 4 hours.
Alright, so lets get started. I am going to tell you a few things that help me, help you get the BEST getting ready photos.
  1. What kind of details for detail photos? Just like the bride, you have the option to get your details artistically laid out for photos. First you may be wondering what you would want photographed anyway? Well that is totally up to you but what I typically see is shoes, tie, cufflinks, pocket square, watch, cologne and if you have little additional things, throw those in too. Like a shot glass, sunglasses, cigar etc. If you need a little help finding additional details, try pinterest. I don’t like to recommend too often to go on pinterest, and hey, a lot of my couples are laid back and don’t care about details.. that is okay too, BUT, maybe one or two of you didn’t think of this, so that is why I am pointing it out. Your details. So when you are creating your wedding style pop up in pinterest. Groomsmen can have some pretty sweet details that make the style stand out. Try looking on etsy for hand made delicate things. I have seen cool feather or velvet bowties!
  2. Boutineers!!! Try to make sure they arrive to your room on time. That way we can photograph you guys pinning them on and then you lookin fly and ready for your formals. Also, they are to get pinned on over your heart. I typically roll the material with the stem and pin from the inside facing to your arm in a horizonal position.
  3. Choose a room with a window, if we don’t have windows, consider us using an area that does even if it’s not the groom suite. For instance, outside. If a room does not have windows, it tends to look flat in photos. So the photos are well lit and nice, but usually very white and flat. If you hired me, it’s prob because you love my use of light and trust me when I say flat light is kinda ehh. We can totally step outside (if we have time) and do the things there, including your lay flat details photos if you have them.
  4. Place all your details in a box days before. If all your items are in a box ready, it makes it so fast and easy to get to work. This is the first thing done upon arrival. Plus it gives you time to go through your check list to make sure you have everything. You don’t want to be kicking yourself that you forgot your pocket watch. Some items to consider is cuff links, cologne, a shot glass, or anything extra with sentimental value.
  5. Get a tux hanger if you want it photographed hung up. A nice hanger makes for nice photos if that is a look you want photographed for the album.
  6. Have the dudes keep a whole nice corner of the room, clean. They often they arrive, throw bags on the floor and kick there feet up with a cool brew. That is fine, however, it’s your day and the easier they make it on you, the easier the day flows. A clean corner makes for more time for photos.
  7. Don’t get your shoes dirty before the big day, if you plan to wear them. If you plan to wear them, make sure to polish them days prior to the big day.
  8. Self tanner, please please please be sure to be careful with this. Go to a major highly reputable tanning salon. If you do it yourself, I notice it the most during formals. I cannot, I repeat cannot, take the orange off the back of hands, off feet or the back of your arms.. or anywhere.. hands are where I notice it most. Florida peeps, check out my friend Bair Brush Tan (@bairbrushtan) • Instagram photos and videos she is so talented!! If you were not considering it, consider it if your future spouse is! If your partner is getting one, please get one too. We don’t want you two, two completely different colors.
  9. Tux sizing. Make sure the tailor does not fit you wrong. If the button is too tight, it has a pull in look that is not flattering. Or if it’s too big, it gives a boxy look. We want that perfect fit so you look sharp!
  10. Do you have a real bow tie or tie that you do not know how to do? Make sure at least one groomsmen knows how, if not assign a family member OR practice before the big day!! It is fun for photos to watch you guys do this, however, it might feel better to already have an idea how to.
  11. How to stand. Don’t cross your palms over your crotch! It looks like a burst or explosion of pee needs to release haha. I say if the hands feel weird, stick them in a pocket. You will be directed most of the time, but just a heads up!!
  12. What to do with your candid formals for photos: you can do a gathering squad photo that is funny, you can do a shot of any sort, you can have a best man give you a toast, you can have mom, dad or a best man pin your boutieer, you can have photos of your details before getting in them, you can get photos of you putting your details on, you can do artistic photos by a window. No matter what you decide, you matter and so does your part of the story. You may be shy or don’t like photos, but trust me, you will want to look back at your part of the day.
  13. If you want to, be involved in the planning. Don’t be afraid to help or delegate a task from your partner to yourself.
  14. Don’t be afraid to get “makeup” done. You can get a light airbrush just to calm skin imperfections if you have some. Let’s be honest, some of us need it from time to time, male or female!!
  15. Be careful not to over drink. This is simple, we don’t want you to spend the last two hours of the night feeling sick. Some ways to avoid this, is drink a lot of water the day before, look into the hangover prep types of things to help get your body strong. Just…. be prepared and don’t test the limits.
  16. Pack an extra sweat rag. It can be a fancy one, however, you will love having one if you are a sweater.

That is it. I hope you found this set of tips helpful! PLEASE PLEASE send this to your bros. I feel everyone needs to hear these tips. Thanks for reading.