December 29, 2018

Florida Photography locations


Hiya!! I was born and raised in Orlando Florida, but as a photographer, I have been all around the state & I will like to share with you my favorite hip spots on the east coast!! I know it’s work to scroll around and see what options there are, but it’s gotta be one of the most crucial of all decisions, along with clothing and sun light time!!!

Of all the years I have photographed, it’s been in Orlando. I don’t live in Orlando anymore, I live in Port Orange by the coast. East coast beach sessions in 32127, are free of travel. You will see a lot of location recommendations below for that area. I am just getting to know my new town and scouting the areas, so there are some places I have yet to visit. I will put a star by my favorite places I have used.

Also, think of it like a fun adventure to visit me, to see at part of Florida you may not have already if you live in Orlando. Possibly even visit a dinner place on the coast side, after your shoot! Often times my couples go to places over by Daytona, or Port Orange by Ponce Inlet. Click here for ideas.

If you do chose to have me travel your way, it’s only .50c every mile over 30 round trip. So it doesn’t add up to much. Average travel is $45-80 and can be paid day of session. Also know, every state park has a fee. It can be anywhere from $2-10, that also can be paid in cash day of session.

*Means I have been there.

Note: Most links below are clickable, so you can check out their website!

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I really liked this site Is it dog friendly? definitEly need a space where we can HAVE photos with our fur children. If there’s any recommendation on a similar site please advise! We live in volusia county as well so we don’t wAnt to travel just as much as you don’t! 🙂