Five tips to have the most fun during your formal wedding photos!

February 12, 2021


I just wanted to share what I think makes for the best evening WHILE getting your photos done.

Like this photo shown, my couple got married, went up the elevator and smiled ear to ear. Bc THEY MARRIED. How did they feel so good, what is the trick to not taking things so serious?

  1. They knew where I was at with things way before the wedding day. We spent months creating the timeline. I also sent them a wedding guide to go over the process. Last but not least, I called them WEEK of the wedding day. These few things are BIG THINGS. It has us walking into the day knowing exactly our plans.
  2. Eat in your getting ready room. Like really eat. Have someone bring you a bunch of chick fl-a or something healthy (veggie plate, charcuterie?) just to make sure you are getting all those calories in order to feel happy all day!
  3. They trust their vendors fully. And if you know you tend to be high stressed, do things that make you not that. I suggest, waking up and getting breakfast with your fiancé’, going for a jog, he can go out surfing with the guys… do the things you LOVE. Let your vendors do the rest.
  4. Assign jobs to all the ones you love. Trust me they WANT jobs, they WANT to help, I promise. Tell them way in advance too. Mom, please make sure my room is clean for photos, the champagne is cold on ice, the glasses are clean and ready. Aunt, please be in charge of making sure family gets to the family formal location on time. The list goes on, but I really think this is helpful because people are with you because they love you, they want to help.
  5. Drink if you like to drink. Be yourself and most importantly, have FUN!! I would make sure in advance your catering company knows you’d like for them to cater to you FIRST. Have them bring you cocktails right after your ceremony so you go into photos with it. Have them bring you a plate of o’dourves several times.

Okay, this is it for now. Stay tuned for my next wedding day BLOGGING tips!!!