destination photographer for the wildly in love!

you don't get a redo! that's why you need a professional photographer you can trust!!

The last thing you want to do, is worry about the kind of images you will get back from your session or event. You can be confident that I will help you look your very best in each and every photo.

I will always, always be here to collaborate with you along the way. I like to take time to get to know each of my clients needs & wants and things that I may not know otherwise. From the time you get the session or wedding planning guide on day one, to the time I’m delivering photos; I want you to feel comfortable chatting with me about different things throughout the entire process. So feel free to send me that vision, your wardrobe ideas, or even ask me what I think. I am here the WHOLE way through. My goal for each and every client I work with, is to establish confidence, trust, quality and connection. I am very involved with the planning process. my goal is that your session or event is fully stress free.

You want your photography experience to be STRESS-FREE. From planning stages to the delivery of photos - I am here to help you every step of the way!








You’re getting MARRIED, so lets have fun! I try not to take myself, or my profession too seriously — at least where it counts. The last thing I want to feel like at your wedding is a vendor... I’m a friend who happens to also be a professional wedding photographer. We will have a kick-ass time, I promise.

My second word is “simplistic”. My shooting philosophy stems from the age-old “less is more” mantra. I’m a pretty simple person and believe that creating timeless photos is more important than timely photos. Trends come and go, so it’s important for me to not rely on those to make okay photos, but great photos. Props, extremely staged moments, and “epic” lighting can feel fabricated and take away from the actual authenticity of the day, so I encourage couples to focus on what’s in front of them.

I will always, always be here to collaborate with you along the way. I like to take time to get to know each of my clients needs & wants and things that I may not know about your wedding day. From the time you get this guide, to the time I’m delivering photos, I want you to feel comfortable chatting with me about different things throughout the wedding planning process. So feel free to send me that vision, your dress or even ask me what I think. I am here the WHOLE way through.

My number one goal and the very first step in my process is to establish a one on one connection with my subjects, this helps you to be more comfortable with me as a human. If you were wondering how I capture my imagery, it’s because I have established a good relationship with my clients so that the final images are both meaningful and captivatingly vulnerable.

Your wedding photography investment is truly priceless. You are trusting a professional that not only takes gorgeous timeless photos, but will make you feel confident from the beginning to the end. When you book me, you are investing in not only a talent, but a friend, someone who makes the whole process a stress free experience. Upon booking, I send over a wedding and engagement session guide with the full rundown on what to expect. Additionally, I will bring an element of fun & thoughtfulness to the task.

Communication is at the forefront of the kind of photography experience that I offer. You can always to expect to hear back from me within 24-48 hours.

As you see, I avoid heavy posing, and will intermittently guide you throughout the shoot. You won't ever be left wondering what to do next. Creating movement is key for me (and, side note... videographers LOVE me for that.. wink wink.. because I already set up the movement they need). I would say my style is best suited for fun-loving, energetic and adventurous individuals who appreciate nature. They key for my process, is the subject allowing wind to blow your hair on your face, or to sit in the sand, or run around barefoot loving on each other. And I think trust plays a huge factor in this. That is why I am so interactive with my clients.

It is my desire for you to not only have a stress free experience so you can relax and focus on what matters most on your wedding day or session, but also be able to look back at your photos and relive each and every one of those love filled emotions.


Your photo experience


Kind Words

Josie is the absolute best!!!! She’s helpful, insightful, and a complete pro at photography. She gave direction and input when asked but also didn’t push us. She matched our vibe perfectly. Being photographers ourselves, we had confidence that she would capture everything that we wanted perfectly and that we wouldn’t have to direct or manage her too much. Her style is beautiful and classic without being too trendy. Josie is accommodating — let us change our date to a year later because of COVID! — and I felt fine asking her for certain things. She made our wedding day better and stress-free; her presence felt more like that of a friend than a photographer. I would recommend her to every single person getting married; I can’t imagine having anyone else capture our day!

There is literally not a more precious beautiful kind soul than Josie. She is essentially a part of our family now !!! We loved her the minute we talked to her . She was so flexible to work with us through new wedding dates during covid outbreak and kept us calm the whole time. We flew her from Florida to Cincinnati and I am sooooo glad we did - I cannot express how incredible she is with children … we have 5 kids and she just kept them all smiling and engaged . Best things about her is that she is FAST, her pics have an antique quality to them - they look timeless. She is beyond professional and I cannot wait to hire her again - for family pics !!!

Where do I begin? 2 years and 6+ photo sessions later, and I’m still in love with Josie. She’s become part of my family since our first shoot doing our engagement session. She’s kind, genuine, ensures you are comfortable and having a good time, looks after you during sessions to either fix your hair or your outfits etc., she open to YOUR ideas and visions, she’s open to creativity and new places, and just down right a one in a million soul. If 5 stars everywhere you look isn’t enough to email her, I hope this review helps you pull that trigger because she is it. ♥️

heather and justin

— Hayley and austin

Monica and David


Client review

I have now worked with Josie THREE times and there is a reason! She's done my engagement session in Florida, a mountain session and my wedding in Colorado. I have never been so impressed with photos in my entire life. Not only is the photo quality out of this world, they are candid, natural, and have so much emotion captured in each one. She is super responsive and invested- you can tell she loves what she does. She makes you feel comfortable and guides you every step of the way. I honestly could go on and on. Worth every penny, and then some! Thank you so so so much!!!

-Anna C

Contact Us

I would like for you to know what its like to work with me & set expectations for the both of us throughout the process. My hope is that working with me is consistently three things: collaborative, simplistic and fun!

Connection and communication are key. When you book with me, I make sure to establish a 1-on-1 working relationship with you.

PS, you get every image!!! This includes personal printing rights. And you can build albums or make prints for your walls! You keep all the high resolution images, at no extra fee!


Most people have very little if any experience of being in front of a camera, and that's ok. We'll guide you.

How does the booking process work?



Get in touch with us!

The first step towards booking, is to fill out the contact form and tell me all the things, the more the merrier. I will bounce back with an immediate full pricing guide and then a link to book a coffee chat. We will then hop on the phone to see if we are a good fit.

The booking stage

We have chatted on the phone, the investment feels right and so does the connection, we are ready to do the damn thang! This is when you tell me it's a go and I go and manually set up your client portal, woo hooo!! You will then sign the contract, make your payment and we are set!! We then become instant friends! Ha! No, but really!!


Planning stage

We will be in contact way more than you will imagine. I will be sharing every single tip imaginable for your session, or event and sending out timelines, to even sharing with you where to find my blogs made for future brides and grooms. This is the excited stage where everything becomes so fun and real!! This is when we have a BLAST!

Ready to work together?

in order to ensure greater attention to detail, I am only accepting a limited amount of sessions and events per year.

I also create custom packages tailored to your needs.