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Lets plan your adventure elopement anywhere in the world. I plan it with you and I come to you, no matter where you take me! You might be really considering an elopement, or are already mentally there, either way I am here to help! I love the idea of having a special day just for the two of you without any distractions. Travel is a huge part of who I am. As a child, I used to travel all around internationally to different countries and it still to this day is something I enjoy. So no matter where you are getting married, I am your girl! Be sure to scroll down to see how the process works and how I can help! I am here and ready to plan your DREAM elopement!!

Elopement packages

National/international elopements

Florida elopements

Starting At:


Starting At:


Florida elopement packages include unlimited guidance, planning assistance and the possibility of video. Custom packages can be tailored to your needs.

Available to travel where ever!!!!

Destination elopement packages include unlimited guidance, planning assistance and the possibility of video. Custom packages can be tailored to your needs.

Available to travel where ever!!!!



Unlimited guidance and planning help

Unlimited guidance and planning help

Custom quotes for travel

Custom quotes for travel

Book now

Book now

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By this point, we have either scouted the location or found every detail of information on goggle maps. We will have an execution plan to have the smoothest day! After all, you were hoping for a chill stress free day, I am so excited to be able to offer that!!

I will help you with your entire plan of the day. We will choose together where to shoot and the best times to shoot it. We can discuss what to wear, what to bring and how to have the most successful elopement. I will help you find your vendors and even will have all the legalities squared away before we arrive.

We will work in the traveling fees to your package or you can pick a package that includes it. Either way works. There are several packages or we can custom design one that works just for you!!

Bucket list // Discount

If you are planning to elope at any of these gorgeous places, just know, you will get a massive discount! Why? Because I really want to go, so take me!!! How does it work? You can still take a look at all of the packages, and if you find one that fits, I will customize a discount and then present it to you!

boston, ma

brooklyn, ny


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4 Great Reasons to Elope

It’s just the two of you!


Nothing like it just being you and the one you love, so why not get married this way!? If big weddings aren't your jam, not to worry, there are other ways to go about it!

How to Prepare for an Elopement?

You can forget about formalities


The worse part of having a big wedding is everyone else, no really... when you get a bunch of personalities in a room, there is always room for something to not go as planned.

Gosh, I am so excited you are really considering this. There are a few things to get you prepped, but first, hit me up! I want to do this WITH you. I have shot over 100 weddings AND elopements and made the timelines for almost all of them. I am so happy to take as little, or as much time helping you along the way.

It’s friendly with your budget and sanity!


Lets talk chill plans, your way and less of a bill!!!

• Step 1: Hit me up

• Step 2: We agree on a location, date, travel fees

You get to go on an exciting adventure


• Step 3: We book!

• Step 4: We begin the itinerary

Do you love spending time only with the one you love? Well, this is a way to make it all about just the two of you. What better, right?!

• Step 5: You start gathering your wedding day attire

• Step 6: We connect via zoom to go over timeline

• Step 7: Engagement session if there is one

• Step 8: Elopement day!!

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