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So happy you made it this far in considering me. Also, the fact you feel connected to my work has me pumped! Give me all the details about you and your significant other. The more info, the better! I cannot wait to hear from you!


Do you travel?

How do I book?

General Questions

Definitely!! For your event or day, I will create a personalized travel amount. To me it doesn’t matter if it’s across the world, I would be happy to come your way!! Usually for national trips, it can range around an additional $1000+.

Yay, I am so excited you have reached the point that you want us to work together!! To reserve your wedding date, you simply need to sign the contract and pay a non-refundable 25-50% retainer. The retainer amount is case by case basis. This can all be done online through me directly in your client portal. Ask me to set you up and I will send over the contract and investment forms.

Who owns the copyright to my images?

Do you deliver RAW files?

Session Questions

I do not deliver RAW files. RAW files are unedited and therefore are not an accurate representation of my work or my brand. An unedited RAW file does not meet my standard of excellence. If I decided to deliver these files to my clients, it removes my discretion from the process.

While I retain the copyright of the images from your wedding day, the contract gives personal print permissions to our clients, for any non-commercial usage. If you have any concerns about privacy, please let me know. Also, if your printing lab requests a print release, just let me know and I will send one over right away!

Who edits when there is a second shooter?

Do you do sneak peeks?

I do! Within a few days of your session when backing up your files to three places, I choose the favs I clearly remember from your day! And I upload to Facebook and Instagram tagging all the places I know to tag AND I set you up with your sneak peeks on a mobile app! It allows you to upload your sneak peek right to your phone!

I do. My second shooter hands me over the cards at the end of the night, and I pay her. I go home and back up on two hard drives, on my PC, on a cloud file and lastly, I don’t erase the cards until the session is delivered.

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