July 29, 2019

Colburn Family Beach Session at New Smyrna Beach


I connected with this beautiful family on Facebook. Terri put a post up in a photography group, that she is looking for a family photographer while she is in town. They were coming to town to visit family. I was so lucky that these professional and talented photographers chose me. They are a husband and wife team. I saw their photos after the session and was blown away. HAHA I told Terri I knew she was a photographer, but when photographers hire me… I don’t look at their work or it makes it intimidating. Just bein REAL ha. Anyways, the little cutie wasn’t a fan of getting photos done.. as you see Dad chasing her most of the time…. but the older sis is so used to being a model for her mom and dad, that it was easy. I really enjoyed taking their photos, and will truly miss them. I look forward to the next time I see them. Enjoy these photos, let us know what you think!!