Bridal suite tips on your wedding day, how to get the best photos

March 9, 2021

Hey HEY, I wanted to pop on and chat a bit about getting ready on your big day!!

If you are a long term follower or have read a past blog, you may have seen another post on bridesmaids tips and how they can help.. I want to tap in a little bit more on the brides day and tell you how you can prepare for your photos. I know I focus on the bride often, but lets be honest, I am usually only with the bride and if I am not, the groom only has 15 mins with me and not enough time for details, since there is no second shooter. I promise to post about groom tips next time!!!

Alright, so lets get started. I am going to tell you a few things that help me, help you get the BEST getting ready photos.

  1. I don’t like to recommend too often to go on pinterest, and hey, a lot of my couples are laid back and don’t care about details.. that is okay too, BUT, maybe one or two of you didn’t think of this, so that is why I am pointing it out. Your details. Man, this can really highlight up and make your wedding day photos fun! So when you are creating your wedding style in pinterest, you will have a vibe flowing, that is when you can gather up things for your detail layflat invite suite. Get fun with it. Get yourself some really nice invites, without a photo (save your save the date card for the photo) that match your style. Get some cute stamps and other trinkets that match and flow with your wedding day style. Click on this link to see what I mean: (26) Pinterest I think this also up’s our chance (if you are interested) in being able to submit to blogs!!
  2. Loose florals!!! If you can get your florist to make you a tiny package of loose florals and has your flowers arrived to the room before I arrive, we can add that to our lay flat as well.
  3. Choose a room with a window, if we don’t have windows, consider us using an area that does even if it’s not the bridal suite. For instance, outside. If a room does not have windows, it tends to look flat. So the photos are well lit and nice, but usually very white and flat. If you hired me, it’s prob because you love my use of light and trust me when I say flat light is kinda ehh. We can totally step outside (if we have time) and do the things there, including your lay flat details photos.
  4. Please take the tags off your details. That includes everything. If I have to take tags off, we loose a lot of precious time. I don’t mind doing it, obvi, but I want you to get the most out of your photos. So I recommend cutting it all off and opening up shoes and perfume boxes to have it all ready for the next day.
  5. Place all your details in a box. If all your items are in a box ready for me, it makes it so fast and easy to get to work. This is the first thing I do when I arrive. Plus it gives you time to go through your check list to make sure you have everything. You don’t want to be kicking yourself that you forgot your invite suite.
  6. Get a pretty dress hanger. I have a plain wooden one, but a nice hanger makes for nice photos for when I hang the dress.
  7. Have the girls keep a whole nice corner of the room, clean. They often are so focused on getting pretty, I think they don’t realize when I am constantly having to move their bags. So if you prep them before the big day with this information, it will be helpful as they know to not place their bags, shoes etc in the corner you are getting ready in. PS, be mindful of mirrors too.
  8. Don’t get your shoes dirty before the big day, if you plan to wear them. If you plan to wear them, clean the heck out of your feet before putting them on, or place little shoe inserts over them. It’s really sucky when I have to photograph dirty shoes.
  9. Get your ring cleaned!!! Make sure that bling is poppin!
  10. Self tanner, please please please be sure to be careful with this. Go to a major highly reputable tanning salon. If you do it yourself, I notice it the most during bridal formals. I cannot, I repeat cannot, take the orange off the back of hands, off feeet or the back of your arms.. or anywhere.. but this is where I notice it most. Florida peeps, check out my friend Bair Brush Tan (@bairbrushtan) • Instagram photos and videos she is so talented!!

That is it. I hope you found this set of tips helpful! Thanks for reading.