August 18, 2020

Bridal shoot at Venue 1902 in Sanford Florida


Mandi, Dara and I put together a bridal shoot at Venue 1902. Mandi is with Beauty Brigade and Dara is with Inbloom Events and Florist. We all three put so much work into the timeline, planning, styling etc. Mandi had her big makeup team, Dara had her team and I had my friend Kenzi Second shooting the gig. Dress designer Sarah Seven and Solutions bridal also were a big part of this. We had 6 gorgeous women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. This was the part that Mandi really gave birth to it, is having a very diverse range of women. I had an idea in my pocket when Mandi approached me with the idea of using backdrops and a variety of flowers. Then Dara jumped on board and executed with very organized plans for each girl. Between the three of us and the venues okay, we were a DREAM TEAM!!