Benefits Of Hiring A Photo & Video Team For Your Wedding Day!

February 13, 2021

One of the best ways you can have that flawless photo and video footage, is to hire a TEAM!!! Hear me out!


Fewer vendors to keep up with.

How nice does it sound to have a team that shares invoices, contracts and even information?! How nice is it to not have to fester up the energy to collaborate with multiple people? Your team will share all the goods with each other and know what to do to give you the best day!!

We really get each other and know each other.

We have been friends for a few years and have shot countless weddings together. We know how each other works and know how to make it a good experience so each person gets what they need. We are basically a family that stays connected all the time. We CARE so much about our couples and also about each other.

No reason to drag out your timeline, we work together.

We work together so well we know how to do things in order to not fall off the timeline. Hiring separate companies may result in losing an ebb-n-flow that only comes in time. It’s very hard to muster up some mutual understanding and trust after just meeting. It can be done for sure, it’s just much easier for that bond to already be there. Also, being that we are both candid and un-posed in style, it is great because the video comes easy with movement… equaling in no reason to redo any shots. I still make sure they are getting what they need and we also make sure to allow time for them to do the drone footage.

We have the same cohesive style.

We have been working together for long enough to have adapted to each others styles, which is a win win for the couple. Having matching footage makes for complimentary art! We shoot in similar lighting styles, which is natural light.

It’s more cost effective!

There really is nothing like having a team working on your day, and even better that we created packages with you in mind. It’s more cost effective to hire a team rather than booking individual vendors.

We have the same goal in mind! You!

We have the same goal in mind and that’s to put YOU first.. there is no butting heads or egos when we work together, it’s a seamless experience.