March 16, 2021

Availability for 2021


Below are dates I am NOT available in 2021

3-20 to 3-21

3-26 to 3-28





5-1 to 5-2 in Plantation, Ga

5-8 to 5-9

5-14 to 5-16 in Key West, Fl







7-8 to 7-10 in Denver, Co

7-29 to 7-31 in Loveland, Oh




10-16 to 17

10-21 to 10-23

11-5 to 11-6



11-25 to 11-26



12-20 to 12-31 in Clayton, Nc

Below are dates I am NOT available in 2022




Hi Josie,
This is Ina McCauley. My husband and I are expecting a baby girl come May 28th. We live in Michigan but vacation in New Smerna Beach with my father in law every year. We will be going down to Florida April 8-12. So only there for a few days but would love to have our maternity shoot while there. I searched and found your Instagram because I love your vibe and shooting style! We would be interested in the 30 min session- $385 price. Would love to do something at the beach since most of our photos in MI are indoors… let me know what you think!

Wedding on 12/3/21 at the Sydonie mansion

This is a wedding for my son Maxwell and his fiancée Estefania. Wedding date is April 23rd . Pllease let me know if you are available and if so pricing.

Hi Mary!! Yes, I am. I am going to email you now!

Hello! My name is Jessica and my Disney wedding has been postponed quite a few times (I’m on my 4th wedding date).

I originally contracted my photography through Disney, but they have a lot of restrictions for their photographers at the moment. Disney photographers are not allowed to take “getting ready photos” in hotel rooms, which is extremely important to me. I know non-disney photographers are allowed to take these photos, plus I’m hoping to work with a photographer who best matches the quality and style I’m looking for – like you! All in all, we’re looking to cut ties with Disney photography so we can get the photo experience we’ve been dreaming of.

Do you have experience photographing Disney weddings? We have a few venues we’ll be moving to throughout the day, but we have a small guest list of 20-25 people and no wedding party. We’d be looking for 10 hours of coverage.

Please let me know if you’d be interested in working with us!

Ah so Caleb and I met at a wedding two years ago, and that was the best day ever!
He was too nervous to talk to me so he asked me to dance. He’s a GREAT dancer. Anyway, we’ve been dancing and talking ever since. We love to laugh, and dance. We’re looking for a photographer who can authentically capture our essence and our story. I’d love to see your packages.

I am so excited to get to know you more Marsha!! Email sent last night! Hugs!

Hi! I’d like to reserve 10/3 or 10/11 for the Gold package. I am a mom to three wonderful kids, we recently moved to Florida and want to get some gorgeous outdoor pictures taken.

Melissa Pierre Paul

Looking for a photographer to capture our Zoom wedding ceremony on 7/19/20. It will be in Dunedin, FL at the Andrew Chapel.

Hi Josie, Mandi recommended you for my daughter’s 15th birthday pictures. We are wanting to take family/her pictures on 12/5 at the Portofino hotel in Orlando. Please let me know if you’re available and pricing. Thank you

Hi Josie!
Your work is beautiful! My family will be in daytona beach 5/22-5/29. I’d love to have photos taken of our family of 4 (I have 4 and 6 year old daughters). Please let me know if you’re available for beach photos in that time frame. Thank you! p.s. I’m actually an atlanta photographer…would love to work with your family as well if you’re ever in my area! My site is Thanks again!

Hi there!! I sent you an email yesterday, let me know if you don’t get it! I look forward to talking more with you!! 🙂