By Bahia Films

Behind the scenes



⌒ Serving my clients and giving them a great stress free experience.

⌒ Producing tangible gifts through my lens, for a lifetime.

⌒ Bonding with everyone on the day, or watching and photographing those bonds.

⌒ Going on adventures with my couples.

⌒ Different cultures and beliefs.

⌒ Fur babies/kiddos on shoots.


⌒ Breaking traditions.

⌒Emotions or tears at weddings! Ahh

⌒Couples who aren’t afraid to try new things.

⌒Moments over mountains, always!

⌒ Spoiling my couples with things they don’t expect (the experience).

⌒ Golden hour light!!

Meet Josie

I was actually born and RAISED in central Florida! I am in love with this state and love adventuring around the rest of the world as well. We love spending time out on the ocean or river, and of course with our beautiful little boys born in ’08 and ’10. They are not so little any more. Not only do I have a precious fam, but we also have a four legged member as well, her name is Aloe.

Some fun things about me. I love to eat! My hubby is like a mini chef and cooks fun foods all the time. When we are not drumming up some fun foods, we are out eating it at other places. We also have a passion for music, art and traveling adventures.

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