Discover my top 3 biggest reasons why guests must keep cellphones away during your wedding ceremony!

May 17, 2021

Are you wondering if it’s okay or not for your guests to have their cellphones out on your wedding day, particularly the ceremony? Read on, to see my top three reasons why this is a must not!

One – They will show your big day before you get to.

Lets save the chance of people putting up unprofessional photos on social media and allow you the chance to do it first. At least for the ceremony photos.

Two – They will be in the way of your professional photographer.

Cellphones or people in the way of the isle or anywhere else, sucks. The photographer cannot really stop it from happening when it’s started, as it would be distracting to the event. I really do think that it’s becoming a problem that happens more than it does not. Even when guests are asked, they seem to still get the phones out.

The worse is when people get out their fancy cameras and step in front of us, stay beside us, or sometimes behind us. It really gives an uneasy feeling once we see it happening, since it could become a problem. I think it’s fine if they do for cocktail hour, or the reception but not ceremony or any formals. That is what you hired your photographer for. 🙂

Three- They really should be enjoying the moment and not worrying about looking at the back of a cellphone.

Nothing like actually being able to enjoy a moment. Kinda like sitting in a cinema theater. It’s only 30 mins and such a great moment that they don’t want to miss.

How to put a stop to this?

  • Pre – wedding: I think sending out friendly reminders maybe on the wedding invite to leave phones put away till reception, can be really helpful. In the society we live in today, it’s the norm to have the phone out 24-7.
  • Wedding: Tell the officiant/DJ to tell them to put them away, and also maybe have the DJ/officiant announce why they are wanted to be put away? Adding a little emotion to the situation couldn’t hurt anything haha.