Raymond + Alejandro are enGAYged!!!

When I got the phone email from Raymond that he and his fiance were looking to have their wedding day captured I was BEYOND elated!! I have always wanted to do a same sex wedding and I had the opportunity to do this! Thanks to these handsome fellows trusting me to capture their beautiful story leading into their wedding day.

When I spoke to Raymond on the phone, I knew it was meant to be. Conversation was so smooth, and we both had the same fun, light, carefree humor! Day of shoot, they pull up and get out of their vehicle and immediately radiated LOVE!! These two are so in love, Raymond and Alejandro, you couldn’t miss it a mile away!!

I have to admit, we had so much fun from the very beginning. No awkward moments, and they even let me play my cheesy tunes as to cheese them up and make them sappy for the best photos….

Stay tuned for their wedding!!