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Janira’s Lifestyle Photography Family Session


  1. Bloom (Bonus Track)
  2. I’ll Keep You Safe

Janira and her adorable little family met me at a big field in the Apopka, Florida area for their photo session. I am always such a big mixture of honored, nervous and excited when I shoot other photographers. Yes, Janira is a photographer and a great one at that!! When I first laid eyes on this gorggg family I knew it was going to be breath taking. I really love shooting family photography in the ever so big Orlando area. It may be challenging to find good locations, but this particular one was just perfect.

I love the wild flowers, which are weeds but boy they make for some nice back drops! Kids just love playing with the bright yellow strange flowers just sticking out of the ground. Randomly, HAHA they probably think, how weird.

This little family was very much close and there is so much love shown. Take a look at their little love story. I would say we shot their session in one hour. The sunset light was killer and we intentionally waited till 645 to begin shooting. It gets so late now being the end of May, and with the sun going down at 745 it was just perfect. I love when people trust me that it is SO WORTH doing a session at the golden hour. May it be sunset OR sunrise.

During their session, we just basically all did our thing. I didn’t have to say much, I just kind of let them be and they didn’t question it. It was just graceful, the entire family forgot the camera was there. This is the benefit of shooting a photographer. A photographer as a mother means they are used to the camera!! Score!! Janira I am so happy we met, you are talented and kind and I am so grateful you chose me as your photographer.

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