Q & A

Photo ideas please, as far as wardrobe, posing, times of day, location..moods
Yes, copy and past the links of choice into the web address place. You can even pin them to your board to better organize? 🙂

Once I commit to booking, what are my next steps? I will email you your selected package notes and send you an invoice via paypal, we will then continue to be in communication with location and other details. Deposit needs to be made at booking to seal your date is 25% for weddings (final payment one month before your date), & 50% for portrait sessions (final payment made day of). The final and important thing we need is a contract signed by both of us with your own copy before we begin our session.

How do I make payment? I prefer paypal as it’s easy, however I am not opposed to cash or check. Whatever is easiest!!! You don’t need an account to pay through paypal, I have a business account through paypal and I create a personalized invoice there. 🙂

Where can I find the sunset times? The “golden hour” is listed in this link and works best where the sun can lower to the horizon!

What are the best times for our session? With couples, the most popular booked amount of time is two hours since most want two looks for their books with two locations, otherwise one hour is perfectly fine!! When you have children I understand to work around you guys and their happiest times. I would say when they are fed and awake!!

How many photos do I get and when do I get them? I generally deliver 10 for a half hour mini session, 15-30 per hour for portrait sessions and 75-100 per hour for weddings. I give the timeline of two weeks for portraits and six weeks for weddings. Which leads to the next question..

Whats the difference between digital files and digital downloads? The digital files are located on your custom webpage, the downloadable files are the ones you will select to download from your file selection. So, as of now my most popular portrait package has 30 files and 10 are downloadable and depending on your package maybe is included in your pricing. Additionally, the others are there if you would like to purchase them as well. However, with weddings, you will get every single image I edit for you. Please email me to find out more about wedding pricing etc.

I need help with clothing options, like do I do floral or prints? It depends on your style. I would say the best bet is to go on pinterest and and add me so I can add you back. That way we can share a board and both pin to it to meet in the middle with ideas and styles! Could even help with locations!

Once my photos are edited what do I get and how do I get them? You get your very own password protected album that you can share with friends and family. Which you will all have the capabilities to purchase prints or favorite your favorite images. The webpage expires in 30 days and please keep your images in a safe place as I cannot be hold anything past a year.

I want to purchase prints on my own at my own time and not use the album and printing provided, do you have recommendations? Good question!!! I really am excited about my print lab that is connected to your personalized album which is set at an affordable rate and even family members can purchase, however, if you are looking to print on your own at your own lab I recommend mpix, they are the best as far as a shipping service.

Any questions that aren’t listed, please feel free to ask on the contact page! I thank you for your time, and I look forward to speaking with you! Please feel free to fill out the contact form to begin your booking process!! I look forward to telling your story!