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Fashion Editorial for Beau Nu Magazine of Model Jamarius Clark on the Cover of the Magazine!!!

By the way, hello and Happy Tuesday!! Guess what!!!!

I just realized a fashion editorial I did with Jamarius Clark for Beau Nu Magazine, MADE COVER; with a 9 page spread!!! See the entire mag here.

Model Jamarius Clark and shot at Park Ave, Winter Park Florida
Stylist Dani Devinci
Agency Modern Muse Model & Professionally Pretty
Magazine beau NU Magazine
Location Park Ave Winter Park
Wardrobe Jamarius & Dani
Creative Director ME 🙂 Josie Brooks


So, I had to write a paper in College days and this is what I came up with. This session shown could not be more relevant. Check out the art I made with amazing model Jamar. He is so genuine he really belongs in top model industry work!! He and I came up with this theme to showcase some great fashion that we all decided on together as a team. We shot in the heart of Downtown Winter Park and in the bright lights of the 11am-2pm day! It was a lot of fun and I recommend this handsome gentleman! Come ON Fashion Week in NY!!




Editorial Title: “Shades of hue” for Beau Nu Magazine

Essay: Artistic Voice

A lot of photographers struggle on how to stand out in a crowd. It is smart to be unique, however making sure there is a relevancy plan is key. It is good to have that solid balance of being completely unique and at the same time what is superficially relevant. In “Adrien Broom Explores Alternate Worlds”, writer Debra Chakraborty explains how Broom quotes on how to be unique and what got her there. I do agree staying unique is not only aesthetically pleasing, but absolutely necessary. In order to find your unique artistic voice, there are a few steps that are important to make in order to reach achievement.

When I think back how I have evolved artistically, I found my voice while working on personal projects with models. Story telling with an artistic team can really bring out the best work you have ever done. Styled shoots give you the capabilities to present the best photography work possible. Broom says, “When I came home I started to create this work where I had full control over the narrative. So when I was in my personal time, I was creating these sets and otherworldly images.” This is a great example on how you create a path of becoming unique. Taking on exciting projects, will excel the journey to evolve artistically very quickly. I do agree this is a good step in the right direction in order to gain a unique style. It is when creative juices flow the most that you find your greatest capabilities. I believe while you are on this journey, it is definitely key to do many personal projects that excite you.

Once the first step of doing many personal projects has been accomplished, it is safe to move on to fine tuning your unique artistic voice with all of your work. While it is good to really narrow it down, it is also important to stay very relevant to what people like to see. Broom adds, “The reason I get jobs is because they say, Oh this is very specific and individual and different, and this is what she does.” After years of tuning in to what sets me apart, I was able to really sit and think about what I can do to become important. I wanted to become important, but I also made sure to keep up with not only local, but national trends. If you fall to far on either side of too trendy or too unique too soon, you have the risk of not being remembered by potential fans. So it is always important to take your time with exposing your unique work a little at a time.

Personal projects are so great to explore until you find that inner voice. In contrast, I find deep danger in really exposing my depth, as some may not be used to what I have to offer. I make sure to release this work in-between the trendy types of work. In F Stoppers, there was an article by Burak that agrees with my idea. He says, “Obsessing with developing your own style may prevent you from achieving success as a professional photographer.” And that, “everything is changing rapidly and you should always adapt new trends to survive.” There are many steps to achieving that desire to become noticed and stand out in a crowd. However, with allowing that inner voice to stop us from trying to be unique there will never be change. It is good to somewhat follow trends, furthermore it is better to work on finding your unique capabilities. Two artists should never be the same, or it would not be art if everything was aesthetically similar. So I fully disagree with this article and feel we should find our inner voice all in due time.

The plan to stand out in a crowd is a great goal. The steps to get there are simply styled sessions and importantly, staying on the boarder of trendy and unique. Staying unique and relevant at the same time is the best long term goal. Then finally you can moderately put out your honest deep artistic voice once you have that desired following through trendy work. Staying unique is not only aesthetically pleasing, but absolutely necessary in the entire art world. Not only will it help you develop that standard amongst the crowd, it will convince you and others how amazing you really are.

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